Why Volunteer?

In exchange for becoming a Lincoln Calling Music Festival Volunteer, you'll receive a general admission 3-day pass, a t-shirt, a fun time, and an opportunity to help grow an awesome nonprofit music festival! Plus, when you're not working, you get to experience the festival! Please read the volunteer requirements, information and terms & conditions completely before submitting an application. Individual volunteer jobs will be assigned based on Lincoln Calling Music Festival needs.

What are the requirements to be a Volunteer at LINCOLN CALLING Music Festival 2018?

-Volunteers must be 18 years or older on or before September 25, 2018.
-Volunteers must be on time for all shifts.
-Volunteers must wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes.
-Volunteers for set up/tear down must be able to lift at least 40lbs.
-Must be able to stand for at least 4 hours.
-Volunteers will be provided a t-shirt to wear while working and are required to take it off while not
-There is a zero tolerance policy for the usage of alcohol or illegal drugs for volunteers.
-If you are caught under the influence or stealing you will forfeit your access to the festival.
-Accepted volunteers are given a 3-day GA pass to the Lincoln Calling Music Festival. This is a non-
transferable festival wristband.

What are the shifts like?

During festival volunteers will work a minimum of 8 total hours during the festival, divided into two (2) 4-hour shifts. Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to your first assigned shift at Nonprofit HUB, 211 N. 14th Street, Lincoln.

Some of the possibilities include:
Setup / Tear down: Must be able to comfortably lift 40 lbs. This job will happen mostly late mornings and late at night and involve moving tables and chairs, putting up tents and various other jobs. No training required.

Merchandise: Merchandise volunteers will handle selling merch for Hear Nebraska, Lincoln Calling and various bands. Merchandise volunteers should be able to do simple math quickly in their head and be comfortable handling money, making transactions and keeping track of a small inventory – some training required.

Ticketing: Ticketing Volunteers will be in charge of selling tickets on the ground, checking in ticket holders, and handling some very light customer service questions at our ticketing headquarters. Some Training Required.

Door Staff: Door Staff Volunteers are responsible for ensuring everyone entering their particular venue or area has the proper wristband or credentials to be in there. You will work with a venue employee to ensure the venue does not become over crowded by cutting off the door when necessary and implementing a one in, one out policy. Minimal training required.

Artist Lounge/Hospitality: Artist Lounge/Hospitality volunteers will tend to various elements of our Artist Lounge as well as the green rooms throughout the festival. Duties might include: decorating; cleaning; grocery store runs; ordering take-out; setting out food; restocking food and other related items; monitoring an entrance/exit for authorized personnel; and more. [This job requires no special experience or skills and minimal training.]

Stage Crew: Must be able to comfortably lift 40 lbs. Stage Crew volunteers will be responsible for moving equipment on and off stage as well as in and out of a bus/van. Experience and knowledge of music instruments is preferred.

Floater: Floaters are ideally capable of filling several roles. These volunteers will be primarily stationed in the production office, assisting festival staff with various tasks, giving breaks to various volunteers in their many positions, and covering for absent volunteers.
Green Team: Our festival green team will be responsible for overseeing our festival-wide recycling, mobile hydration unit and helping to market the bus transportation. This might include standing at disposal cans throughout the festival to ensure proper disposal, taking out trash/recycling/ when full, and more.

How do I apply?

Read through all of the information and requirements to become a Lincoln Calling Music Festival volunteer.
Sign up for at least two (2) shifts and fill out the Lincoln Calling Music Festival application here. You must be available to work each of the shifts you sign up for.
The Lincoln Calling Music Festival will notify you via email for all communication. Please remember that the trick is to be flexible and be willing to lend a helping hand!
A kickoff party/training session for volunteers is scheduled for Sept 12th.

Training sessions are scheduled for September 12, 13, 17, 18, 2018. This is where you will receive check-in information. You will be given your volunteer t-shirt and Festival Pass.
Show up on time. Work hard. Enjoy the festival. Make sure you check in and out for each shift! Remember, all Lincoln Calling Music Festival volunteers are expected to dress appropriately, wearing their Lincoln Calling Music Festival volunteer t-shirt and closed-toe shoes, and to take off their volunteer t-shirts while not working.

Please come prepared to work outside in the elements. Bring sunscreen and stay hydrated! Please be aware that storage space is limited for staff and volunteers. Please leave valuables at home as we do not have a place to lock them up.

If for any reason you need to cancel, be sure to cancel your application in writing via email to info@lincolncalling.com by September 12th, 2018. No exceptions will be made.


Where will I be working? Can I choose where I will be placed?

When you fill out your volunteer application, you will also choose the shifts you'll be working.

What are the perks of being a Lincoln Calling Music Festival volunteer?

Attend the festival at your leisure outside of your work shifts
Participate in the inner-workings of the Lincoln Calling Music Festival 2018
Get a Lincoln Calling Music Festival volunteer t-shirt
Have an awesome experience!

When do I show up for my shift?

Please arrive 20 minutes before your assigned volunteer shift begins and be ready to work. You will receive a festival pass and volunteer t-shirt at the training sessions on September 12,13, 17, 18, 2018. You will be expected to wear this shirt while you are working, and you will be expected to take it off while you are not working.

What if I have to cancel?

If you need to cancel, be sure to cancel your application via email to volunteer.coordinator@hearnebraska.org by September 21, 2017. No exceptions will be made.

What if I am late or can’t make a shift I signed up for?

It is your responsibility to get your shift covered by another Lincoln Calling volunteer, either through the Facebook group or other means, and then approved by the LC Volunteer Coordinator. If you (or your replacement) fails to arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled start time, you risk the loss of all volunteer privileges, including your festival pass.

How do I stay connected to the Volunteer Coordinators?

Email: Please ensure that the Volunteer Coordinators for Lincoln Calling Music Festival have your current email address.
Texting: Please ensure that the Volunteer Coordinators for Lincoln Calling Music Festival have your current phone number that can receive texts.
Facebook: Lincoln Calling Music Festival Volunteer page. This is a private FB page and you must be invited to join.

Is transportation or accommodation provided?

No. All volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to the Nonprofit HUB, 211 N. 14th Street, Lincoln. There is no lodging or accommodation provided for volunteers.

What can I bring with me?

You should try to bring as little to your shift as possible – leave all valuables at home. If you can't fit everything in your pockets, we recommend bringing a small bag that is easy to carry (waist bag or small backpack) to keep your small personal items. You will be able to leave bags and other items in the production office at the HUB, which will always be staffed, however we can not guarantee the security of any of these items while they are out of your possession.

I already bought a ticket, but I would still like to help out for a few hours. Can I do that?

We appreciate the offer but unfortunately, for the sake of continuity, we need volunteers who can commit to working at least two (2) shifts.

I already bought a ticket, but would like to volunteer and get my ticket for free : is it too late to do so?

Awesome! It is not too late. Please sign up to volunteer and pick out your two (2) shifts. Once you have done so, email the volunteer coordinator to receive your refund.
If your question is not answered in these FAQs, please email info@lincolncalling.com. Please note that due to an overwhelming number of emails, we will not respond to questions if the answer is listed above.

Volunteer Applications Terms and Conditions

I understand that I am applying to be a volunteer at Lincoln Calling Music Festival, for which I will receive no compensation.
I understand that there is no guarantee that I will be selected to be a volunteer at the Event.
I am currently over the age of 18 or will be over the age of 18 by Sept. 25, 2018.
I attest to the truth of all statements made in my application.
I understand that the use of alcohol and/or controlled substances before or while on duty is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the Lincoln Calling Music Festival, repossession of all credentials, and removal from the festival grounds.
I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand these terms and conditions.
Volunteers give permission to Lincoln Calling Music Festival and Hear Nebraska to use his/her image or likeness incidental to any video display, transmission or recording of the event.

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.